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I drudged this up from the #acro archives back when it was running on Undernet...


               AcroBot         (to the tune of Piano Man by Billy Joel)
 It's one o'clock on a Saturday
 The acroing crowd starts to show
 It seems that the last round is over now
 And a new game is ready to go
 Bot says, "Hurry and send me your acronyms
 I don't really care if they blow
 'Cause I'll put them up there, and the votes we'll compare
 The worst will win, as we all know"
 La la la, de de da
 La la, de de da da da
 Don't give us 'X', you're the acrobot
 Don't give us 'Z' or 'Q'
 'Cause the letters you pick are a travesty
 And you've got us all mad at you
 Now Mach rarely likes to do Undernet
 He comes down and sits for a spell
 But send him some pics and some boxes of Twix,
 And he'll thank you, and op you as well
 He said, "IRC games are a lot of fun
 Maintaining them takes up my time
 I'm sure I could get my dissertation done
 If I could just get off the dime"
 Oh, la la la, de de da
 La la, de de da da da
 But RobBot's a snide intellectual
 And ChaosBot's not a bit fun
 So we're still playing #acro, and resetting our macro
 He's now acro561
 'Cause some idiot just flooded acrobot
 My 28 points down the drain
 And I just wrote an asskicking acronym
 But all of my effort's in vain
 Mired in lag, you're the acrobot
 You're likely to signoff again
 But still, never fear, we know you'll return here
 Quite promptly as acro410
 Well, in all I did well for a Saturday
 And the acrobot gave me a POKE
 Though some acros were old, at least nobody told
 Another OJ trial joke
 And the acrobot prints out pornography
 The acros get worse every day
 But if I had to choose between #acro and booze
 I'd throw all my bottles away
 Oh, la la la, de de da
 La la, de de da da da
 Wasting my time on the Undernet
 I never get sleep anymore
 But since I first came to this damned #acro game
 I'm happier than ever before
                         - by Jess and Bartles
                           October 12, 1995

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yes and no

Hi xorb, nice to see you again!

When you posted there was indeed a small but surly group playing on undernet. But since then the bot has taken a vacation, (no doubt the bot shall play while Mach's away), so the long and short of it is we've migrated here on Friday and Saturday nights. Join us if you can!

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blast from the past?

nice little blast from the past, looks like

shows just how addictive the acro game can be... my presence in the game would at least give an extra option for players whenever @acrobot happens to spew out an 'x', although they might end up making me blush...

as far as I know, #acro is still running on the undernet... might even be a few people having scheduled games there still, once in a while