IRC Server Updated


I added a link for statistics.  It also lets you see who is and was online, although it takes a couple clicks to get there.  At some point if I have time I'll try to merge some of the info together so it's on one page, although that is low on my to-do list now.  All the info is public but if you think it's creepy to track some of the individual user data I can make it inaccessible.


I switched over to a new IRC server tonight.  Everything should mostly be transparent, and hopefully faster with somewhat less lag.  I'll write more about the changes later, but here are the highlights:

  1. Channel protection (with ChanServ).  This lets the bots get ops back in case they are lost on the channel.
  2. Nickname registration (with NickServ).  This lets you register your nickname and get it back in case someone else is using it.  if you use the same IRC username as the botosaurus web page then the password is set to the same as your botosaurus login password.  You use it by sending "/msg NICKSERV IDENTIFY password"
  3. IP address obfuscation.  If you don't want everyone seeing your IP address, the last number is now hidden/obfuscated.  The rest of it is still (generally) visible.
There are more changes.  For a summary of how to use the IRC Services see

I'm still working on the vote/kick feature.  It's next on my agenda...