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We, and by we I mean the gang from undernet, had decided to move en mass to botosaurus tonight for our usual Saturday night nonsense. Problem though, dude. Pewter checked last night and the scores in ABC are tied at 158 each for two (rude and inconsiderate) players. This would take hours, if not days, to overcome. We're old and lazy. Can you do anything about it? We'd like to schedule a game for this evening, around 7ish pacific time. I'll be sending out an email so need to know asap to let folks know if we play here or on undernet.


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reset game

Hi spam,

Thanks for trying out the server -- sorry I wasn't around to reset the game, but try me online again or if you remind me in advance i will do so... the undernet bot was offline temporarily (moved the network switches around)

Also, for the ABC Tourney bots I used to have a way to reset the games.  I think it required three people or something to send a request to the bot and if nobody dissented within a few minutes then it would restart.  I can try to copy that over if there is interest.  I think the Tourney bot only allowed it for "captains" so it would be a little harder to abuse but I was thinking of maybe having some counter that if nobody had played for the last 10 game cycles or something maybe it would just restart automatically or allow the restart command.  Or maybe even 50 game cycles with no score change, that would mean its basically sitting around overnight.  What do you think?  I see the entertainment value in never-ending games too :)



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In Reply...

I take responsibility for being one of those “rude and inconsiderate” players who tied up the scoreboard in the ABC-NC17 room.  I apologize for this great inconvenience to you.

However, upon returning to continue our never-ending acro game the following night I couldn’t help but to notice that even after the scoreboard was cleared, you chose to play in ABC-PG13.

The implication that you experienced a problem preventing you and your “mass” from playing in a room that you didn’t even want to play in just sounds like rhetoric to my ears.       


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I was hoping everyone would get along given the relative dearth of players and since I know you are all intelligent and reasonable people.  Not to mention you can all make killer acros.   Ok, end of Rodney King soliloquy.