I have been invited to run the bot games that are here on Talk Citizen (http://www.talkcitizen.com). Are you interested?

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No, keep bots here on just botosaurus
55% (12 votes)
Yes, move bots to run on just Talk Citizen
14% (3 votes)
Run bots on both botosaurus and Talk Citizen
32% (7 votes)
Total votes: 22


I really missed these game rooms. I finally caught up with the change and have "found" two of my old gaming friends. Thanks!

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Stay, share or move?

Dear botosaurus family,

I too believe that Kenrick's bots and games should solely reside within Kenrick's server and not be shared or moved under the domain of another person(s) or party(ies) for these reasons: (the first reason being most significant.)

1. Kenrick and his bots (as well as we players) need to remain autonomous and outside the dictates and whims of other domain-owners. The credibility and integrity of these games are now safe with Kenrick at the helm. I think we would agree on that. We all trust Kenrick.
We know little about the very new talkcitizen domain other than it has very recently been created by 2 disgruntled former TC denizens who apparantly, as mentioned in this forum as well as other tc forums, have a history of poor communication and response but yet an abundance of "explanations". (No offense intended, but for purposes of clarity it must be said.)

2. Sharing the games with another domain would likely create a "splitting" of our community. Who would play where? Do you want to hop around looking for other players back and forth, back and forth etc. Would unwelcome modifications of any kind have to be made to our games on another server? This leads me to this next reason:

3. Sharing the games with another domain might also cause a weakening of THIS domain. We are still young and growing. Much time, effort and money has been invested. It is still in it's infancy. We do not yet know the extent of our growth. (And yes, we need to do more to promote this site, and I'm certain efforts are continuing.) Botosaurus is a work in progress.

4. I'm guessing, but I would think that having the games on more than 1 server would be an inordinate and unfair amount of work for Kenrick. But that is for him to decide.

And yes, the decision solely rests on Kenrick Mock. This is HIS domain, these are HIS extraordinary bots. He has been more open and responsive than any other domain host I've ever come across, including allowing this very discussion to be addressed by another domain and it's owners. It's amazing.

Maybe one day it will make sense to move or share these games with another site. But based on the current offering, I strongly say 'no'.

::hugs to all::

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Very well said Whatsa, and

Very well said Whatsa, and all excellent points!

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18 so far??

lol maybe we should just have a vote channel. I dont think in all the times I've checked this forum and game room, that I can count that many different nicks I've seen here.Okay how many are twins here?? LOL Kenrick, you really need to do more polls hehe

Here we go round the May poll...

Haven't voted at all.

I can't see Kenrick, after all the time, energy and resources put into getting this place up, shutting down the botosaurus servers at this time.

There's certainly nothing wrong with the option of having them in two different places.

Ultimately, it's only a decision for Kenrick -- if he wants to have his bots housed at Talk Citizen or not.

To move or not to move...

Hi Kenrick,

Back when you started Botosaurus you wrote me and we corresponded about your new, alternative botosaurus channel.

Before you make any decisions to collaborate elsewhere, please think about your reputation as much as you think about us, the players & games we love.

In all my many years of Talk City & associated citizenship, you have been the one constant staple who truly has the best interest of the people and games at heart. You will never get enough thanks from people who appreciate what you have done and continue to do. You are never the source of ill leadership or principles.

How do you feel about staying your own entity? The old environment and atmosphere has become tainted.

Right before this new situation with the bots & Talk City happened, I had purchased a bot for a Talk City room from Botcity. One day, Jasmin posted about the bot being gone. Nobody knew what happened. I wasn't emailed with a heads up or statement with alternatives for my purchase, despite the abrupt removal. Since I wasn't the room owner (obtained permission to purchase the bot) I didn't have access to any 'in the know' rooms to find out what was going on.

The aforementionied type of service doesn't sit well with me. Although VVill has said the bot, which I paid to have for a yearly quarter, would be available at Talk Citizen, the room that was previously purchased is on Talk City. I'm left shrugging my shoulders what to do.

I'm also unsettled with the current conflict between the pairing of a previous Talk City head moderator and people who were once hand-picked to work under her. All given the same responsibilities, who I feel, as a group, did not moderate in a fair and equitable manner both in the rooms and on the messageboard. You went the best route allowing for self moderation here and that is working very well. Given the small group of players, the method probably hasn't been used yet, but it is reassuring knowing what is in place to handle such situations.

It's not only Talk City to blame for the dwindling numbers of players. You have given people a system to contain the disruptive behavior of others and curtail any animosity between fellow players.

If you choose to stay your own domain, I would love to bring the lyric game here & a music trivia bot would definitely delight other players, if that is possible. Maybe all you need is a catchier channel name to draw people in? I'm not a bells and whistles kind of girl. Sometimes word of mouth is all you need to pick things up.

I've already lost days on my bot, so at this point, I'm not sure where I'll be going. People are still weighing in. Right now, we're neither here nor there and a big part of my decision will be based on where my friends are. Unfortunately, there is alot of frustration and it's the people who suffer when these things happen.


twrlgrl, VVill never kept records of customer email addresses or info but just mailed them via profile when needed. It was his way of safeguarding information and protect the privacy. Unfortunately Talk City banned him altogether so he couldn't get a lot of people and get the word out. He is more than willing to refund you if you contact him at will@thebotcity.com :)


Thank you.
If he couldn't respond to the TC inquiries, he had my email address outside of the TC profile as he used it Saturday morning & in the past.
I appreciate his willingness to refund me & am satisfied with that resolution.
Contact will be made at the email address you provided.
Has he been unavailable to respond & route this information himself?
VVill was very fast in response and helpful at the onset of acquiring the bot, but it didn't seem that same way with this issue.
Getting the word out was problematic in this situation & I understand that.
For all people with bots (not only those in your & VVill's circle), where was the information & solutions at on the Bot City or Talk Citizen sites?
In the future, please anticipate people from his coverage area(s) going to the source of service or general, active community for information & consider having it readily available for everyone in an FAQ, latest news or bulletin area.

Hi twrl, I used your email

Hi twrl, I used your email soon as I got it via the form you sent me an email on thru botcity. All emails a few days old get deleted. I just replied to you again.

Ps. just got home from FL, I had Mel reply to you since I didn't have my password with me to this forum.

Good outcome

Thanks for getting back to me.

You have given me all the options I would hope for.
I am at ease knowing we can be part of the Talk Citizen community if we choose.

Once I get more input and a grasp on the direction the room wants to go, we can move ahead.

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One more thing to think about, I'm not sure if there are enough players to really support the same game on two sites right now. I could be wrong though, maybe there are different player populations.

Hi Guys :)

Before you vote no, please let me explain why we invited Kenrick to come over to TalkCitizen :) When we recently decided to open TalkCitizen, it was with the sole purpose of bringing chat back to the people. We wanted chat to be what it use to be, fun, entertaining and a gathering place for friends without the disruption of trolls or never functioning features. So we've created the chat server, forums and whatnot and made sure IRC access is free for everyone. we also decided that we're not babysitters and decided to make our Server 18 plus, which allows for ADULT conversations within appropriate adult forums. Now why am I telling you all this? We invited Kenrick and the original games to come join us in TalkCitizen as well because a lot of people that use to chat at the other server have come over to join us for different reasons. We're wanting to create the community that we've all once had in Talk City. Sadly it is a former shadow of itself and community there is merely a sentiment now :(

So what would all that mean for you Game players should the games also be offered on our server? In essence less rules. we're not strict people and understand that funny and sometimes raunchy acros are a part of adult life and we feel you should be entitled to play that way. We also certainly don't want to monopolize kenricks games so he could have them here and allow us to have them on talkCitizen as well, just for those folks who prefer to play there.

are all games that were the structure of the original Talk City and part of it's community. We would love to bring that part of community back in TalkCitizen! :)





I appreciate your goal of having a more people friendly chat environment. It's so important for people to know they are being heard and their ideas listened to.

A big problem was the censorship. The group of people, including yourself, were previously dishing out "standards" violations by various definitions and levels of punishment. I have gathered from your post that Talk Citizen is willing to be different than before with the "rules". That is great news.

Most of us regular Talk City frequenters couldn't control what went on behind the scenes, nor were most of us privy to the how's and why's regarding the way things were done and dealt with. It didn't really matter, though, because Talk City controlled their own environment the way they chose to do so. There was no open option to agree or disagree.

The catalyst for monopolizing the scene was the people on lower levels of Talk City Administration & players who thought they owned the game rooms more than others and used it as their own sort of playground. This resulted in the alienation of a heck of alot of people. I really think some of these people are still in the dark or just choose to not see that part of their community, but I'm sure glad you've realized that was a normal feeling of atmosphere that also needed to change.

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re: Hi Guys

Just a few short months ago, those of us now playing on Botosaurus were told by you and others at TC that Kenrick's games were old and outdated, and that VVill's games were fresh, exciting and new. We told you then that it was a mistake, that it was wrong, and that we as a community were not being listened to or respected. We offered to pay to continue running the bots, said we could certainly make do with less rooms, whatever it took. When we were blatantly ignored and/or given "recorded messages" over and over (sounding much like the post you've made here, I'm sorry to say), we took matters into our own hands.

Kenrick very kindly put in a lot of time and effort to get the games up and running here quickly, and many of us contributed money to put together the community we have here now. It may be small, but it is drama-free, and we have no sense of anyone lording power over us. Kenrick always asks our input, and there is a level of respect between us and him that was never present between us and the powers that be (were) at TC.

You coming here now, asking Kenrick and those of us who've been loyal to his games, to help build up your new chat site, when you were a large part of the unceremonious dumping of those same games and people, smacks of being used. I understand you were a part of TC at the time, and maybe were just toeing the party line, although it didnt really sound that way at the time.

Most of us here are, I think legitimately, bitter about how things went down, but also happy with how our little site has turned out and have no desire to be a part of the drama in the TC/TCitizen war. We're happy with our old games.

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I think it's pretty funny

That Talkcity is going downhill so fast. I don't know about TalkCitizen, but after coming to botosaurus I just think I don't want to take the time to start a new profile and access to the rooms. I'm pretty happy here. Sure, alot of the old players hardly ever come around. But, why change sites? It'll be the same no matter where the games are. Just my thoughts. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I feel.

If Kenrick decides to move the games to Talkcitizen, I might give it a chance. But, I hope they stay here.

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Just my thoughts

I like most who loved Ridic and Kenricks other games ,was ticked when TC took them off.Ridic was becoming a ghost room also. Hardly snyone there at most times in the past months at TC. For many reasons people just stopped going which I wont get into. I was very happy to see Kenrick move it somewhere instead of just stopping it altogether yet I have checked the room alot of times and its still either empty or just a few playing. I know the ones playing now like their little group here and I don't blame them for that, but I don't think the rooms are ever going to grow here and be full like they should be. These are great games which I think would do much better in a full community of different rooms like TalkCitizen. Have more of a flow of people and in time probably new ridic addicts.

I can understand why some wouldn't want it moved, but I do think its was the Management at TC that closed them down, not the people running TalkCitizen and this site was to keep ridic and other games going but didn't we all want to try to get people back playing too and try to get them back too some fullness they used to be? Wouldnt a place with more traffic help that? I know a few of you have been loyaly coming here but we that don't doesnt mean we arn't loyal to Ridic and the other games, but when you see the room empty or just the same 3 or 4 playing all the time, its just not as fun for many ,so they play elsewhere where there are more people. *shrug* I will pop into ridic wherever it is from time to time, because I love it more then any other place I've visited dealing with chat/games anywhere, but I am wondering....with not wanting to move it or at least share it with the other server...were alot of people right when they said they stopped plaaying because a very small group acted like it was their room only?

I've checked out the other server and its not a bad place. Forums for each room,free irc use...and lots of rooms, meaning traffic, and perhaps something I though all rid addicts wanted..maybe a full room again.

I will always play ridic when I get a chance or feel up to it, but just wanted to give my opinion for what its worth...lol.


You mention a great focus point, Jas. I like your notion of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to play Kenrick's games either by a link to here on Talk Citizen or having the actual bots at Talk Citizen. Whatever is decided, it should be a great, wide-open door with or without Talk Citizen involvement. Roll out the welcome mat!

There's certainly loyalty without having to display territorial jurisdiction or ownership you don't really have over the games and community. Community is a whole, not only certain groups within it and I understand what you're saying here & already see the potential for that mentalized self-selected governing infrastructure to happen again.

Hi Alanah, I was told the

Hi Alanah,

I was told the reason they wanted me to do the game rooms was because Kenricks games are old/outdated and he doesn't respond to any emails quickly. I sat back while many of you were being told a different story. A story staff were forced to tell by their bosses.

I also found it silly to hear that my bots were fresh and new because I believe Kenrick has the best games and they are more exciting then mine.

I understand everyone here took matters in to their own hands to create this community here, it is nicely done.

If you guys don't want to join us that is fine, but I would like to add a link to this site for players to find you.

I made TC almost $5,000 IRC access payments and they banned me.. talk about having no money?


Talk Citizen & Bot City

The good thing is that your fresh start for a chat community comes with learned experience. I'm the type of person who likes to look at the whole picture and take action for the best or most successful outcome.

My response to you, comes as an unhappy consumer. I'm leary to come to a place already off on the wrong foot, so to speak. If you want the support of people, you have to make service and communication as much of a priority as building up your new community.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Do you know how I feel? If you don't, go back and read the discussions where you left off on the Talk City lyric room messageboard. You'll also get the gist here.

The first place I went for information and direction for this mess, after Jasmin's post on TC, was Bot City. There was nothing there! Not even an email with an explanation from any Bot City personnel. Why even collect email addresses if they're not going to be used in purposeful ways? Days went by and correspondence resulted in you telling me that I'd have a bot on Talk Citizen if I wanted. I don't have a membership there, I don't have a room there and I don't have a bot that I paid a quarterly fee for.

Some people knew to go to Talk Citizen, transitioned there and others were left in the dark. My point is for people on both ends to be conscious about dealing with things that come with this territory.

How do we make this right so I can be comfortable with considering Talk Citizen as a place I'd want to be? Certainly, you don't expect me to make a split decision to move there without knowing if the people from the Talk City lyric room are willing to migrate there.

Kenrick's games will always be a draw for myself and the people I enjoy playing them with.

The thing is...

...you don't have to move if you don't want to. It is simply a request to feature the bots there as well, not to monopolize them and only have them in TalkCitizen therefor taking away your option of where to play the games. We don't want to do that nor would we ever ask for that. :)


I am forced to choose (like everyone) to move from TC if I want a bot (can't seem to get one there) and I must also move if I want to play Kenrick's games. I have no issue with relocating and the fact that things happen & change in online communities.

Most of us have been through quite a few moves (not only involving TC) over the years & still remain intact. I completely understand your reasoning, the options available and do not think anyone would suggest Talk Citizen was trying to monopolize the bots.

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I agree with alanah's post. I'm happy with the community we have here and with Mach's administration of the site. I do not wish to see these games move under someone else's domain. However, I do think your idea of linking to botosaurus from TalkCitizen is a good one.


I am sorry for the way that TalkCity handled things. When davec came to VViLL(my brother) and asked if we would put the bots in the TC-game room we asked why, he replied kenricks games are old and outdated and he wanted something fresh better etc etc.. we already knew kenricks games were better then ours because we do not have the type of games he does but davec insisted that we do it and offered money to do so, much lower than what he was paying kenrick i guess, i kinda figured it was not because kenricks games were not good i figured it was because he was looking for a cheaper solution, After all that happened, TalkCity was not doing so well, not listening to customers taking their concerns and putting them on the back burner telling them what they wanted to hear just to hush them for now and give them the idea that things would be fixed eventually, so yes i decided i would go and make a new chat server for everyone to come to that would have no rules so we could all chat the way we are(ADULTS) i feel we dont need someone we paid to tell us how to run our rooms and what we can and cannot do, but soon after myself and VViLL started doing this we found a threatening email from davec and that email was the end of TalkCity for us, and we do not plan to go back ever and i do not plan to shut my server down ever, I will not have my customers buy a room and then be told how to run the room, I'm also sorry that we cant have kenricks bots over there also they are great bots and they are not found anywhere else on the internet. I have no hard feelings towards anyone I hope that someday we can have kendricks bots over there also because they are great games to play, but for now there is a link back to this site so incase any of your old ridic pals show up over there on talkcitizen they will know how to find you over here :-)
If at anytime Kenrick desides to share the bots over here i will offer him free hosting space if needed.

TalkCitizen Owner

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thanks Mike

Thanks for your post and sharing what happened with Talk City!