redlamp is here!!!

I hope y'all haven't forgotten me.


On Facebook go to the search field and type in Facebook Acro!
Join us for one game daily, anytime. The letters are normally posted mid morning and entries are posted by 10pm eastern. Votes expected in by midnight, winners posted shortly there after.

It's not live, but we've got some creative acroers sending in some entries. You enter by sending private message to either me - karen colton .. or Susan Termini... you can befriend us from that page.

Look forward to seeing you there.... or hopefully sometime here!

Kenrick.... COME!

hi all!

When do people play and in which room? I tried both ABC rooms. No one is around. I will try again later. Good job Kenrick! Nice site.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Deb aka Rhodey44

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There seems to be a crowd that plays in the evenings on Fridays/weekends...


We thought *you* forgot us.

We thought *you* forgot us. :P
Still waiting to see you in the game room!

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Hey Yammers..

If you have facebook come join us at Facebook Acro. We play dalty and some of the old players are there.. Hope to see ya there..

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Im still here.. I want to play acro.. When does everyone come..

Wow, hi Lillu! Remember

Wow, hi Lillu! Remember those all night acro sessions of days passed? Well we're all old now and need our rest, lol, but we're usually on botosaurus around 9 or 10 PM EST on Fridays and Saturdays. Hope to see you there! :)

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Sometimes people are in on the weekend for Acro, mostly on Saturday afternoons I think... otherwise there is AcroBabble or AcroWars...

I am here!

Remember me?

if you build it.........

yamyam and I are doing the best we can to spread the word, Kenrick. This is acro how it was meant to be played! We are here Fridays and Saturdays from 7PT until it's too late for pewter to stay awake :)

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spreading the word

OK, thanks!
I still have hopes of building a facebook plugin someday to bring in big masses :)


spuzzlightyear (bill) was kind enough to build us a facebook acro page where we are currently just doing an acro a day, but I will post this web-site there for all who are interested. We have a few old players from the ABC gang. Perhaps we can get a rally going, yes?


This brings us 'round again to the issue of ops. If you get a facebook app may need 'em after all..... just sayin'

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I did put in the "vote for kickban" option on ridiculist although I haven't put it in for Acro yet (or did I? now I forget... gotta check :)


Hey Kenrick,

Everytime I try to log into the acro game I am redirected to ridic. Is there a way to avoid that. I don't know how to leave that game and get to acro.