Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers: Find Words Fast


Overview of Finders Keepers

The bot version of Finders Keepers is based upon the old Talk City human version game of the same name. The automated version was created by Kenrick J. Mock and Talk City, Inc. The bot was implemented by Kenrick J. Mock.

To play, use any IRC client and point your server to, port 6667 or port 6660 and join #finders. If there is sufficient demand, additional channels will be created.

Your job, in two minutes or less, is to find words within a randomly selected word. The words you find must be at least 3 letters long.

The automated version of Finders Keepers is hosted 24 hours a day by a bot named FinderBot. FinderBot begins the game by presenting a randomly selected word that is at least 10 letters long, for example, "REFERENCES". Your job is to find new words using the letters of the word provided by FinderBot. Use the letters in any order, but only as often as they appear. For example, "REFEREE" and "FENCES" are valid words, but "SENSE" is not because there is only one "S" available.

The longer the word you find, the more points you will receive. Each round lasts two minutes. The player that has the most points after five rounds wins the game!

Valid words are those found in FinderBot's dictionary. How do you know what words are in the dictionary? Watch for FinderBot's word lists at the end of each round.

If you think that another player entered an invalid word, you may challenge that word. If the challenged word is not in FinderBot's word list, then you will earn that word's points and the player that entered the original word will lose double the word's points. But if the word was in the dictionary, then you will lose points and the player you challenged gets bonus points!

How To Play

Throughout the game, FinderBot will tell you what you need to do. If you watch for his messages, then you will have no problems playing. In general, you will be sending answers to the bot through public messages that everyone in the room can see.

When the round begins, FinderBot will present the word and set it as the topic of the room. If you are using a chat client that does not show the room's topic then you may wish to write the word down on a piece of paper before it scrolls off the screen. If you are using an IRC-II client, you can use the "/window new" command to create a new window and then use "/msg FinderBot show word" to display the word in the new window so you can refer to it.

Once the word has been presented, simply enter the words that you find into the room, one word per line. If you think that another player entered an invalid word, you may challenge that word through the command:

challenge word
ch word

The following is a short game transcript from the point of view of "Gordo."

AlphaBot: Beginning round 1 of 5! Type your words into 
the room, not private messages. You have two minutes! If you
would like the current word sent to you via private message,
AlphaBot: . "/msg FinderBot show word".
AlphaBot: .
AlphaBot: The word for this round is: R A D I O S C O P Y
Gordo: radio 
FinderBot: Gordo found radio! Score=5
Mach: copy
FinderBot: Mach found copy! Score=4
Mach: scar
FinderBot: Mach found scar! Score=8
Gordo: coy 
FinderBot: Gordo found coy! Score=8 
Gordo: radis 
FinderBot: Gordo found radis! Score=13
Mach: challenge radis
FinderBot: Mach's challenge of Gordo has been successful! "radis" is not in my dictionary.
Gordo loses 10 and Mach gains 5.
FinderBot: Gordo's score is 3 and Mach's score is 13. Gordo: sad 
FinderBot: Gordo found sad! Score=6
Mach: challenge sad
FinderBot: The challenge word of "sad" is valid in my dictionary!
Mach loses 3 and Gordo gains 3 bonus points.
FinderBot: Mach's score is 10 and Gordo's score is 9. 

In this short segment, players post their answers and the bot responds. The bot displays the results to the channel. The points are added like this:

  • You receive one point for each letter in your word, so longer words will earn you more points.
  • Only the first person to enter a word gets points for that word.
  • If you successfully challenge a word entered by another player, you earn the word's points and the player that entered the invalid word loses DOUBLE the point value for that word.
  • If you unsuccessfully challenge a word entered by another player, you lose that word's point value. The player that entered the original word gets the point value for that word again.

    Game Bot Commands

    The commands that FinderBot recognizes are listed below. These commands may be sent as a private message to FinderBot (/msg FinderBot help), or stated publicly on the channel (show word):

    • help - Gives you information about Finders Keepers
    • show word - Displays the current word
    • show scores - Displays scores for the current game
    • show top wins - Displays players with the top 10 wins of all time
    • show top scores - Displays players with the top 10 scores of all time
    • show stats nick - Displays nick's wins and best score

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    Finders Keepers IRC Game Copyright 2009 Kenrick Mock and Talk City Inc.