Bog : Competitive Word Search


Overview of Bog

IRC Bog is a patterned after the popular Boggle board game by Parker Brothers. However, not only can you play by yourself, but you can also compete head-to-head against other players in a unique way. Your game show host is a bot named BogBot. Unlike humans, BogBot requires no sleep nor rest and hosts the game 24 hours a day.

To play, use any IRC client and point your server to, port 6667 or port 6660 and join #bog or #bigbog.

You will be presented with a grid of letters, and you must form words that are at least three letters long created out of adjoining letters. Letters may not be reused. Note that it is valid to move across diagonals.

As an example, consider the following board:

A  B  C  D
E  F  G  H
I  J  K  L
M  N  O  P

The word "fab" is valid (letters in the upper left corner).
The word "babe" is not valid, the "b" may not be reused.

You receive points depending on how long your word is. A three letter word will earn you one point, a four letter word two points, a five letter word three points, etc. If you enter an invalid word then you lose one point. Only the first person to enter a valid word gets points for that word. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the game, which lasts three minutes.

How To Play

Throughout the game, BogBot will tell you what you need to do. If you watch for his messages, then you will be able to play fine. In general, you will be sending answers to the bot on the channel. BogBot will interpret any single words typed on the channel as submitted answers. This means that you have to be careful not to type something like "hi" or "yes" or any other single word during a round, or the bot will mistake it for an answer and deduct points if it is an invalid word.

The following is a short game transcript:

BogBot: A new game is beginning! The board is:
BogBot: A B C D
BogBot: E F G H
BogBot: I J K L
BogBot: M N O P
Gordo: fab
BogBot: Gordo: fab is correct! Earning 1, your score is 1.
Spoohead: mink
BogBot: Spoohead: mink is correct! Earning 2, your score is 2.
Goober bog feink
Spoohead: pond
BogBot: Spoohead: Bzzt! Impossible word  Losing 1, your score is 1.

In this short segment, players may chat to each other on the channel as long as they do not use one word sentences. Alternately, the word "bog" may be used to preface the answer. Note that in this example Bogbot does not respond to "feink" since it is a possible word to form, but it is just not listed in his dictionary.

The first question that arises is "The letters don't line up!" This is because Bogbot assumes you are using a fixed width font.

The next common question is, "The board keeps scrolling off!". Some ways to get around this problem:

  • Unix clients: Type /window new, /bind ^I next_window
    (thats carat-I, not control-I), and this will create a new window and you can use the tab key to switch between windows. Now, if you /msg bogbot to show the board (/msg bogbot show board), you can control which window the message will
    display in. Use one window for a private message to hold the board, and play in the other window. /window kill will destroy a window.
  • Macintosh, Windows clients: Just /msg the bot to show you the board. A new window will appear to hold the board.
  • Online Java Applet: To show the game board in a separate window while you play, double-click on the bot to open up a private message window. Then click on the 'window' icon which is in the upper right corner, second from the right. This will undock the window for private messages to the bot. You can type the "show board" command to see the current game board in this window. Also click on "Font" in the lower right corner and set it to Monospaced. If you arrange your windows then you will be able to see the game board in the private message window while typing words into the chat window.

Game Bot Commands

The commands that BogBot recognizes are listed below. These
commands may be stated publicly on the channel or in a private message without the word "bog".

  • bog show board - Displays the current board.
  • bog show scores - Displays scores for the current game.
  • bog show top wins - Displays players with the top 10 wins of all time.
  • bog show top scores - Displays players with the top 10 scores of all time.
  • bog show stats nick - Displays wins and top score of nick.

The following command is accepted in private messages only:

  • /note message - Stores message, in a log file. Use this to send in bug fixes or other messages of things that should be fixed. I will periodically read through the log file and process the information.

What Is BigBog?

BigBog is a variant of Boggle that started in January, 1997. In response to player suggestions, I implemented a 5x5 version of Boggle. In BigBog, the board size is 5x5 instead of 4x4. The minimum word length is 4 letters. BigBog may be found on #bigbog.

Bog IRC Game Copyright 1994-2009 Kenrick Mock